"Catelyn is very encouraging to Marcus. She is preparing him to play in front of an audience and supports him by attending his school events. She recognizes Marcus' strengths and weaknesses and helps him to have confidence."

-Kelly C, parent

"Catelyn Gentry is an outstanding musician in all areas (soloist, chamber player, orchestral player and teacher).

I was her clarinet teacher for four years at Brigham Young University (BYU). Throughout her time here, she continually excelled and improved in all areas. In fact, from semester to semester, I was always amazed at how swiftly she was improving. She very quickly went from an average freshman to the top player in our studio.

I have observed Catelyn teaching other clarinetists on many occasions. When she is coaching a clarinet student, she is adept at focusing in on the main problem and offering kind words of encouragement as well as solid pedagogy. She acted as a Teaching Assistant (TA) for a few semesters, teaching non-music majors clarinet lessons. Her teaching manner is fun, confident, and encouraging, yet she also doesn’t beat around the bush or coddle. She is efficient and effective.

Throughout her time here, she performed in a number of highly responsible positions, including being principal clarinet in the BYU Wind Symphony, Philharmonic Orchestra and the Chamber Orchestra. She was also selected as soloist for a performance of one of the most difficult clarinet solo/band pieces—Black Dog by Scott McAllister—with the Wind Symphony. Catelyn has proven her ability to play with confidence and solidity many times over. I believe any student would be lucky to have her as their clarinet teacher!"

-Dr. Jaren Hinckley, BYU Professor of Clarinet