Welcome to my blog about clarineting in Utah! Here's a more informal introduction to me:
If you've ever found yourself googling for "clarinet teacher in American Fork, saxophone teacher in Lehi, how to do I play high notes on clarinet, how do I get low notes to come out on saxophone," I'm here to help!
I have enjoyed working with several schools in Utah County as a woodwind teacher. I've worked with the Lehi High School Marching Band as well as substitute teaching for directors in Highland, Pleasant Grove, American Fork, and Lehi. I work very closely with the Alpine School District in order to help young woodwind players come into their own and gain confidence.
So if you're in between Provo and Eagle Mountain, I am in a pretty convenient location for anyone to drive to for lessons. 
I also have options for those who are too busy for regularly scheduled lessons. On my HOME PAGE is an excellent demo of an ASYNCHRONOUS VIDEO LESSON. My imaginary student sent me a video recording of everything he'd been working on and this is a portion of what a video response would look like. I help you get set up with the equipment you need (there's not usually a need to buy a fancy microphone or camera, most of what we need to get good at is LIGHTING so I can see what is going on with embouchure and fingers. And I'm happy to help you out with that! So if you're too busy for in person or regularly scheduled online clarinet or saxophone lessons, asynchronous video exchange lessons are an excellent option for you!
I get lots of questions about virtual or online lessons. Anytime you're curious, I'm happy to answer questions. You may be a clarinet student in Texas needing extra help and wonder if help can be found here. The answer is YES! We can schedule a weekly lesson time for you to login and receive live feedback. My teaching style does not change with in person and virtual lessons. I'm still the same laid back, encouraging clarinet and saxophone teacher. We're just sitting in different rooms! Currently I use Google Meetings for our virtual lessons as the sound quality is far better than zoom for music lessons.
Things I push really hard for in lessons is excellent EMBOUCHURE, clean ARTICULATION, and unbeatable BREATH SUPPORT. If we can improve those three things, you will become a new clarinetist or saxophonist. 
Ask me about a free trial lesson below: