Welcome to CG Music Studio where we are always performing with style! My name is Catelyn Gentry and I am proud to service as a music educator in the Utah county area. I am located in Lehi.

I share my love of clarinet and saxophone through teaching and performing! You can find more about me in the Bio tab. Please use the Contact Me or Registration tabs to inquire about lessons and help me schedule a consultation with you. Check out the Fun Things tab to see current student projects!

My students receive help with THEIR musical goals. Whether it be on clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor sax, or alto sax, or whether you want to get help connecting notes on the staff to fingers on the instrument or have a goal to be 1st chair, I have a plan for you.

My teaching philosophy centers around individual development. My students receive the tools necessary to become a better player and it is the student's job to utilize those tools at home. My students become well-rounded players in all aspects of music. They learn ensemble skills as well as how to think like a soloist. Each musician is capable of confidently performing in front of an audience and you will be given as many opportunities for that as possible. I love working with all skill levels and ages. 

I offer asynchronous lessons for those with busy schedules! Asynchronous lessons are basically a video exchange between student and teacher. To compliment these, asynchonrous students have access to office hours where we can meet virtually and discuss any issues live.

Curious what an asynchronous lesson looks like? Here is a preview!